Sunday, September 27, 2009

Corri La Vita

Today I particpated in the Corri La Vita. This Run for Life is put on in Florence every year by the Italian Cancer Society. It began this morning at 9:30 am. We got to the Piazza dell Signora and it was packed. This square is huge, there are giant statues everywhere-and you could hardly move. There were people from all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, half of Florence was there! It was very different being at such a large event in a different country. Normally you could listen to the speeches people were giving and promoting the cause, but in Italian, it's pretty hard to intrepret what exactly was going on. Throughout the walk there were so many people with pictures of their loved ones affected by cancer attatched to their shirts and even babies and dogs were wearing the Corri la Vita shirts! Though I couldn't understand very many words people were saying, knowing that we were all there united for the same cause was really a special experience. In addition to my shirt I drew the breast cancer ribbon, heart, and initials of my good friends mother who recently passed away from breast cancer. I thought a lot about her today and how strong she was and how terribly difficult cancer can make your life. It is something that can affect anyone at anytime and I was proud to dedicate my day to her.

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