Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ciao ciao! It's been a few days since my last blog...I've been so busy! Today I had a few the Uffizi Gallery! I got to see artwork by all of the greats. One of the girls on the trip even cried when she saw her favorite artist's work. It was amazing. I'm a tad bit exhausted though..I turned 21 yesterday!

My birthday started off on the best note(I am in Italia, how could it not!?) My three roommates planned a few suprises at dinner with the help of Mama Lo. They all knew I'd been dying to try limoncello, so they pulled out a bottle after dinner and Mama Lo unveiled the most delicious apple crisp that she "just whipped up" So good! After dinner the girls and I decided that the striking of midnight was going to take place in a bar called Bee Bop. On Tuesday nights they have a live Beatles cover band! It was about a thousand degrees in the bar but it was the most fun I have ever had(until Wednesday night :) ) I know some people think it isn't a big deal turning 21 in another country, but let me tell you that I am a zillion percent sure it was way more fun than being in the states!

Yesterday-the actual birthday- I went to all of my classes and after the last class, food and wine pairing, Barbara and Mark Stern(the faculty advisers) had myself and all of the students up to their apartment for cake and prosecco! The cake was yellow layered with mousse and the most delicious chocolate icing. It was so nice of them to do that for all of us on my birthday. After that set of festivities were over we all went back to our homestays to get ready and go out for a big Italian dinner. We went to a restaurant called Dante's. They love JMU students! We had all of our drinks for free and the chef made us some of his homemade pasta on the house! It was so, so, so delicious. The owner even came out and brought us a bottle of limoncello and told us to come back whenever we want that they'll always treat us really well there. It was an phenominal start to the night.

After dinner we decided to go out and paint the town purple. We visited a few bars, ran into many Americans, and I ended the night by touching every building on the way home saying, "Uh! Michelangelo could have stood here! Rafael! Boticelli!!" The girls found it pretty amusing-thankfully.

This evening 8 out of the 10 girls are hopping onto a bus for 8 hours to Munich for Oktoberfest!Munich is acutally Monaco in Italiano, much prettier in my opinion) It doesn't officially start until Saturday so we are going to visit museums and explore a different side of Europe all day Friday. By the homework for Food and Wine Pairing: try at least three different beers the same way you would smell, taste, and describe wine and report back to the professor on Monday. No problem :)

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  1. look at you having so much fun!! i'm glad your bday was fabuloso. you betta show germany what's up and bring back a bottle of limoncello for moi GRATZI