Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Bells are ringing in the distance, the tall windows reaching to the top of our-must be- 20 foot high ceiling are wide open forcing the cool breeze to blow the shear fabric of the colorful curtains against my back as I sit on a gorgeous bed in a giant room while my roommate jenny tries to cure her jet lag with a quick nap before our eight o'clock dinner with Loraine and the others...surreal? amazing?

First day in Firenze. Feels like I am dreaming. People write some cheesy blogs sometimes(like this one) and now I know why. This city is gorgeous, straight out of a movie. Gelatto stands on every corner, vespas crowding the streets in what I could easily mistake as a welcoming display of this insanely interesting culture. I even saw a women sitting with her barred windows open, dressed to the nines(giant earrings and something I would compare to a queen's attire), smoking a cigarrette ..and there were um, I don't know, nine chandeliers in there! I even saw a blue diamond the size of a babies foot on sale at the Ponte Vecchio. This place is like a fairytale no one could ever imagine.

Perhaps all of this surreality and amazement I feel is the fact that I have only slept about 4 out of the past forty-hours...but I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out :)

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